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2020 Byrider Dealer Award Recipients

by Terry MacCauley - Posted 2 years ago

A Big Time Congratulations To This Years Winners

Due to the pandemic we could not all be together.  Somehow these awards feel more important especially earning them during such an unusual and difficult year. So congratulations and cheers to each and every team that achieved these hard-earned awards.  A Big Time thank you is also in order from all of us to all of our Big Time Dealers for allowing Big Time Advertising to be a part of your continued success. 

– Single Point: VA103 – Gary Duncan & Damon Hueston (Big Time Partner)

– 2-3 Locations: WI111 – Eric Schwartz, Rick Francois, & Kevin Rand (Big Time Partner)

– 4+ Locations: OH128 – Jim Park & Mark Morris

– MO109 & MO113: Russ Larson, Doug Stewart, Winston Sleeth, & Daryl Nelson

– WI114: Keith Kocourek & Jen Freiboth **

– IA110, IA104, IA109, & IA111: Russ Larson, Doug Stewart, Jeff Lee, & Daryl Nelson

– IN116B & IN116H: Roy Wagner & Terry Gerhart (Big Time Partner)

– MI109: The Marsh Group & Jeff Chevalier

– WI104: Mike Darrow & Jimmy Lee (Big Time Partner)

– PA116: Doug Lewis

– AR102: Dave Hanson