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Is GOOGLE SEM Only Strategy right for Your Dealership?

by Terry MacCauley - Posted 2 years ago

This discussion comes up from time to time – It is based on Google’s “Last Click attribution” in a decade-old model that focused dealerships on spending the most budget on Google’s most expensive product – LAST CLICK or SEM.

Big Time’s Full-Funnel Attribution Model believes in a modern approach for best lead #’s and ROI (and our numbers gated or ungated prove that this works.) 

Full-funnel attribution, unlike last click funnel attribution, full-funnel attribution incorporates impressions and assisted clicks in a conversion
(ie…form fill out, phone call, text, or lot up.) It looks at the full path to conversion and does not just focus on the last touchpoint (i.e. click.) It takes into consideration (Smart TV, Geo Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc..)

Conveniently Google does not incorporate products they don’t sell (Geo, Smart TV -Facebook and Instagram) – This is why Google Analytics reports don’t tell the entire story, instead, it has focused everyone on what Google is selling — CLICKS ONLY or Last Click Attribution. 

At Big Time we believe all marketing works – We have put together a logarithm built on machine learning AI – that leverage all media to get the best Ad ROI – and we don’t care if that comes from the last click or not. In fact, Big Time only cares about advertising that produces the most leads for the best ROI, PERIOD. We don’t work for Google, we work for Our Dealers. WE ARE BIG TIME.