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R.I.P. Facebook Page like button

by Terry MacCauley - Posted 1 year ago

Facebook announced yesterday that there are some big design changes coming to Pages sometime soon. The biggest part of this announcement is that the “Like” button will be removed from pages. Don’t freak out though, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to ‘Like’ the ramblings of your distant relatives and friends from high school.  We will still be able to do all that.

This is just for Facebook Pages.  For more than a year now we have been saying that Page Likes would be going away and now it is coming true.  Page “Likes” are not a good measure of a page’s popularity and advertising to “Likes” was not a great opportunity for us advertisers because you do not know when someone ‘liked’ a page or how they even came to like it in the first place.  Liking and engagement are very different animals.

We just want to keep everyone in the loop.  The digital world is constantly changing faster than any other part of our lives.  Big Time Advertising works to stay on top of all these changes, what they mean for our dealers, and how to adapt and find ways to keep advertising to the masses in means that convert for our dealers.

Techcrunch has put out an article about this and some of the other upcoming changes here.