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Maximizing Your Advertising Impact: The Advantages of Partnering with Big Time Advertising

by Terry MacCauley - Posted 1 month ago

In today's market, the debate between managing advertising in-house and outsourcing it to a specialized agency is more relevant than ever. For dealers and prospective dealers looking to make the most out of their advertising efforts, the choice is crucial. Big Time Advertising stands at the forefront of this decision, offering a compelling solution.


The Cost-Effectiveness of Agency Advertising

Consider the economics of hiring an in-house team: salaries, training costs, and the resources needed to stay abreast of the ever-evolving marketing landscape. By redirecting these funds towards an agency like Big Time Advertising, you're not just saving money, but you're also investing in a more targeted, external push of advertising spend. Our agency leverages every dollar towards impactful campaigns, ensuring a better return on investment.


Expertise and Experience

At Big Time Advertising, our team is composed of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the marketing world. We bring a diverse range of skills, from creative design to strategic planning, that are often hard to find in a single in-house hire. Our successful campaigns across various industries stand as a testament to our expertise. How did we gain today’s expertise and experience? With over 1 billion Impressions served in the past 10 years, we have taken our share of arrows in the back. Everyone will make mistakes; we will just make less as we have already experienced most scenarios and know how to apply past experiences and knowledge with the constant changes that Google and Meta bring many times annually.


The Value of Google and Meta Facebook Partner Statuses

Our Google and Meta Facebook partner statuses are not just badges of honor; they represent our deep understanding and proficiency in utilizing these platforms. As partners, we have access to the latest tools, insights, and training, enabling us to optimize campaigns effectively and efficiently. When there are problems, and there will be problems. Our direct access for our dealers to get answers directly from the source always saves time and Big-Time money.


Saving on Wasted Resources

A common challenge with in-house advertising is the potential for misallocated resources and ad spend. Our approach at Big Time Advertising is different. We employ data-driven strategies and continual optimization to ensure that every dollar spent is a dollar towards achieving your dealership goals. This strategic planning significantly reduces wastage and enhances overall campaign effectiveness. Especially when considering the importance of balancing the importance of maintaining and growing the dealer’s brand while receiving the appropriate number of leads to feed the sales department without diminishing returns. There is so much more to this than what can be fully revealed in a small newsletter.


Reduced Employee Turnover and Consistent Quality

In-house advertising roles often suffer from high turnover, leading to inconsistencies and disruptions in your marketing efforts. By partnering with Big Time Advertising, you gain access to a stable team of experts committed to your long-term success. Our consistent quality and strategic direction mean that your advertising is always on point and evolving with market trends.


More Cost-Effectiveness and Strategic Insights

Transitioning from in-house advertising to an agency like Big Time Advertising isn’t just a cost-saving move; it's an investment in diverse, data-driven insights. By representing over 100 dealers nationally, we bring a rich tapestry of market data and consumer behavior patterns from various regions. This broad perspective enables us to craft campaigns that are not only locally relevant but also nationally resonant.


Expertise in A/B Testing

A/B testing stands at the core of our strategy, allowing us to refine and perfect your advertising campaigns continuously. Working with us, you gain access to advanced A/B testing methods that many in-house teams lack. This means we can quickly identify the most effective messages, designs, and channels for your specific audience, ensuring a higher success rate and better ROI on your campaigns.


Leveraging Nationwide Dealer Insights

Our extensive network of dealers across different geographical locations is not just a number; it's a well of insights. We share and leverage these insights, ensuring that the knowledge from one market informs and enhances strategies in another. This collaborative approach accelerates learning and adaptation, giving you an edge over competitors who are limited to singular market perspectives.


Objective and Unbiased Insights

In-house employees may sometimes fall into the "Yes man" mentality, agreeing with senior management's ideas without providing critical feedback for the sake of job security or internal dynamics. At Big Time Advertising, our commitment is to the success of your campaign, not to internal company/dealership politics. This means we are not afraid to challenge ideas, suggest bold new directions, and provide honest feedback that is in the best interest of your marketing objectives.


Fresh Perspectives from Diverse Experiences

Our team consists of professionals who have worked with a variety of clients across multiple industries and that have been employed at a high level in the automotive industry. This diversity in experience means that we don’t just follow a single company’s way of thinking. Instead, we bring a rich array of perspectives and innovative ideas that can give your campaigns a unique edge and avoid the echo chamber effect often seen in in-house teams.


Collaborative Approach

While we value independence, our approach is deeply collaborative. We work closely with your team to understand your brand's ethos, objectives, and challenges. Our goal is to complement and enhance your internal efforts, not to override them. This collaborative synergy ensures that the strategies we develop are not only innovative but also align seamlessly with your overall business goals.


The advantages of partnering with an agency like Big Time Advertising are clear. From cost savings and expertise to strategic efficiency and consistent quality, the value we bring is unparalleled. We invite you to consider the long-term benefits of collaborating with an agency that's dedicated to your success. Contact Big Time Advertising today for a consultation and take the first step towards transforming your dealership’s advertising strategy.


-Terry MacCauley (Founder & CEO)


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