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Enhancing ROI Using Precise Data Tracking

by Terry MacCauley - Posted 3 months ago

Achieving a nuanced understanding of your marketing efforts' effectiveness is more crucial than ever. It dominates most conversations, and few really understand how to bring it all together. At Big Time Advertising & Marketing, we are proud to introduce a trifecta of capabilities designed to revolutionize how our dealers measure and understand their marketing ROI: 1. Full Match Back reporting, 2. Comprehensive campaign tracking, and 3. Precise UTM tagging. This integrated approach not only offers an unparalleled view of customer journeys but also empowers dealers with the insights needed to make data-driven decisions.


The Synergy of Match Back, Campaign Tracking, and UTM Tagging: The journey from initial online engagement to final sale is complex, with numerous touchpoints influencing the customer's decision-making process. While Full Match Back illuminates the path from clicks to sold conversions, integrating event tracking and proper UTM tagging adds layers of depth to this picture, enabling a better precision-targeted marketing strategy that covers all bases. We are experts in effective tagging, like other failed attempts at this same data tracking process using GCLID rather than universally adopted UTM codes. At Big Time Advertising we have used these tools for a few years now, but now we are delivering the data to our dealers on their exclusive reporting dashboards. With so many different DMS, Website, and CRM providers it often is a bunch of finger-pointing. At Big Time Advertising we have worked to help expedite these frustrations without putting our dealers in the middle of it. We know that your service providers DO NOT sell cars, we just help shed light on how it is happening and what the possibilities could be with great analytics and budget-focused strategies


Comprehensive Customer Insights: Full Match Back provides the big picture, event tracking dives into the specifics of customer interactions on your website, and UTM tagging offers clarity on the origins of traffic and conversions. Together, they form a comprehensive data set that captures every nuance of the customer journey. Automotive dealerships using this integrated approach have witnessed a significant, sizable increase in accurately attributing sales to their advertising and marketing efforts.


Granular Analysis for Enhanced ROI Clarity: The combination of these tools allows for a granular analysis of marketing performance, highlighting not just what works, but why. The why is huge. Having the data is one thing, understanding it and comprehending what it means for all aspects of a dealership takes real professionals. Dealers can now pinpoint the exact content, campaigns, and channels driving the most valuable customer actions, leading to a more refined allocation of marketing resources and an improved understanding of their ROI.

Optimizing the Customer Journey: By tracking all campaigns such as video views, product video and image views, and specific clicks, coupled with properly tagged UTM campaigns, our dealers gain insight into which marketing elements resonate most with potential buyers. This level of detail enables the optimization of every step of the customer journey, from awareness through to purchase, potentially increasing engagement rates in some cases by up to 40%. Of course, this often also is dependent upon many other important factors that if ignored positive change can be limited.


Data-Driven Decisions and Personalization: The rich data landscape created by marrying Match Back, campaign tracking, and UTM tagging facilitates highly personalized marketing strategies. Dealerships that leverage this data for targeted campaigns have seen conversion rates improve by even as much as 50%, by delivering the right message at the right time to the right audience.  Again, this requires a laser focus and relentless follow-up with a robust CRM full of proper labeling procedures and processes.


Implementing the Strategy:

Adopt a Holistic Tracking Framework: Implement tools and processes that support Full Match Back, campaign tracking, and UTM tagging. This integrated framework ensures every customer interaction is captured and attributed accurately.

Train Your Team: Equip your sales team with the knowledge and skills to effectively use these tools. Understanding how to analyze the data and apply insights is key to leveraging the full power of this strategy. At Big Time Advertising we take the time to train sales staff and sometimes even support marketing staff. Whatever it takes to move forward.


Continuous Optimization: Use the insights gathered to continuously refine and optimize your marketing strategies. Regular review sessions can help identify emerging trends and opportunities for further enhancement. Our talented team is full of experienced professionals who are constantly doing these important adjustments quietly on the back end while our dealer sales teams do their thing, SELL MORE CARS.


The integration of Full Match Back reporting, campaign tracking, and precise UTM tagging represents a significant leap forward in our digital marketing for our treasured dealers. This comprehensive approach not only deepens understanding of the customer journey but also empowers dealers with actionable insights for optimizing their marketing strategies and maximizing ROI. At Big Time Advertising & Marketing, we are committed to leveraging these advanced capabilities to help our clients achieve unprecedented success in their marketing efforts.

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