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The Hidden Dangers of Consolidating Your Digital Services

by Terry MacCauley - Posted 1 month ago

In the quest for streamlined operations, many dealers become tempted to consolidate their CRM, website management, and digital marketing under a single service provider. While this approach may seem efficient, it carries significant risks that can impact the stability and growth of your dealership while quickly costing hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. Let’s delve into the pitfalls of having all your digital services under one roof, urging a more cautious and diversified approach.


Single Point of Failure

Catastrophic Risks: Putting all your digital services with one provider means that any issue—a data breach, technical failure, business closure, or even bankruptcy—can devastate your entire operation. The downtime or data loss can result in lost sales, damaged customer relationships, and a tarnished brand reputation.

Example: Imagine your provider’s data center experiences a severe outage. Your website goes offline, your CRM is inaccessible, and your digital ads stop running—all at once. The recovery time and cost can be enormous.


Lack of Specialization

Compromised Quality: Providers handling everything may lack the deep expertise required for each area. This can lead to subpar performance, as these "generalists" may not be current with the latest trends and technologies in each field.


Big Time Opinion: Industry experts in all business models often warn against jack-of-all-trades solutions, advocating instead for specialized services that ensure each aspect of your business technology is managed by experts.


Inflexibility and Scalability

One Size Fits All: Universal solutions may not be tailored to the specific needs of your dealership. As your dealership grows, these limitations can hinder your ability to scale effectively, forcing you to adopt additional solutions or undertake costly migrations.


Real-Life Scenario: A fast-growing dealer recently found that their all-in-one service provider could not support the advanced data analytics they needed despite saying that they could, leading to a disruptive platform switch during a critical sales period.


Innovation Stagnation

Limited Technological Advancement: Relying on a single provider can isolate your dealership from innovative solutions developed elsewhere. This can prevent you from adopting newer and more effective emerging technologies that could drive your dealership forward.


Case Study:  Recently, an OEM dealership with a single provider missed out on advanced AI-driven marketing tools that their competitors already used to double their engagement rates and improve conversion rates by over 25%.


Diminished Negotiating Power

Weaker Leverage: With all services tied to one provider, you may have less leverage in negotiating contract terms and prices. This dependency can lead to higher costs and less favorable service conditions.


Analysis: Dealers that diversify their service providers often benefit from competitive pricing and more flexible contract terms, resulting in significant cost savings and better service.


Security and Compliance Risks

Increased Exposure to Threats: Centralizing your digital services can make your dealership data more vulnerable to breaches. With all data in one place, the potential damage from a single security incident is magnified big time.

Best Practices: Implementing a multi-vendor strategy can help distribute risk and enhance security by not putting all your cars in one garage.


The Problem of Groupthink

Homogeneity in Decision-Making: When one provider manages all your digital services, there's a significant risk of falling into a 'groupthink' trap. This occurs when a group starts to think alike and, more importantly, avoids information or perspectives that could lead to dissent. It stifles innovation and will lead to poor decision-making, wasting your hard-earned capital.


Consequences: The “all-inclusive” provider's team will become so accustomed to their internal standards and practices that they no longer question their approaches, missing out on new, potentially more effective solutions. This conformity will severely limit your dealership’s ability to adapt to new challenges or constantly emerging opportunities.


Example: Consider a scenario where your service provider has followed the same digital marketing strategy for years without considering newer and more advanced approaches. As a result, when market dynamics change, your advertising may be unable to compete effectively because it is stuck with outdated practices that no longer resonate with your target audience.


Mitigation Strategies: To combat groupthink, engaging multiple specialists who can offer diverse perspectives and solutions is beneficial and encouraged. This approach ensures a more thorough evaluation of strategies from different angles, fostering innovation and critical thinking.


While consolidating CRM, website management, and digital marketing with a single provider might seem streamlined, the real risks outweigh the benefits. Dealers must assess these potential pitfalls carefully and consider whether a diversified approach might better protect and advance their operations.


Evaluate your current digital service strategy and consider the benefits of spreading your digital needs across multiple specialized providers. Consult with industry experts to develop a robust plan that safeguards your business against the inherent risks of consolidation. Don't let convenience overshadow the need for security, scalability, specialization, and saving money. Big Time Advertising & Marketing remain agnostic for a reason. We want to hear what is new constantly that may benefit our dealers and make appropriate recommendations quickly.


- Terry MacCauley, CEO

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