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Grow Dealership Sales with Compliant, Creative Advertising

by Terry MacCauley - Posted 1 month ago

As a proud sponsor of Ignite Consulting Partner's annual Compliance Unleashed Conference, led by the industry thought leader Steve Levine, Big Time Advertising & Marketing fully understands the challenges auto dealers face. This week’s annual conference, known for bringing together top minds to discuss the latest regulations and best practices, perfectly reflects our commitment to keeping you informed and compliant.


The automotive advertising landscape is constantly in motion, much like the road itself. Staying ahead of the curve while maintaining a compliant and eye-catching presence can feel like navigating a tricky intersection. Here at Big Time Advertising, we are a trusted co-pilot, ensuring our dealer’s advertising drives sales, builds brand awareness, and steers clear of compliance roadblocks, protecting them from often unwanted and/or unwarranted judicial overreach.


The Compliance Tightrope Walk: Why It Matters

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) acts as the traffic cop of the advertising world, vigilantly monitoring auto advertising for any violations. Non-compliance can result in hefty fines, damage your dealership's reputation, and stall your sales momentum. Regulations can feel intricate and ever-changing, but with Big Time Advertising by your side, you can focus on the road ahead.


Big Time Advertising Compliance Crew: How We Keep You Safe and Sound


Expert Navigators: Our team works with compliance specialists like Ignite Consulting Partners, who stay constantly updated on the latest FTC regulations and industry best practices. We meticulously review all advertising materials before they take the green light, ensuring they adhere to all legal requirements.


Transparent Communication: We believe in clear communication. We keep you informed about potential compliance hurdles and work with you to develop alternative routes that deliver your message effectively, all within the legal framework.


Creative Campaigns that Convert: Winning the Race with Compliant Content

Compliance DOES NOT have to be a speed bump on the road to creativity. Our team of experienced copywriters and designers now teamed with AI are like seasoned pit crew members. We will fuel your advertising campaign with:


Data-Driven Targeting: We utilize data analytics to target the right audience with the right message precisely, maximizing your return on investment (ROI). This ensures your advertising reaches relevant car shoppers who are actively searching for vehicles you sell.


Compelling Content: We craft engaging content that resonates with car shoppers, driving them further down the sales funnel. Think of it as crafting irresistible pit stop refreshments that keep potential customers engaged with your dealership.


Multi-Channel Approach: We develop advertising campaigns that reach your target audience across various channels. There are now too many digital platforms to name them all, but some, like social media and targeted online ads, ensure our dealerships have a strong presence across the entire advertising highway. We call it the “full-court press.”


Building a Robust Sales Funnel: Your Road to Success

At Big Time Advertising, we also understand the importance of a robust sales funnel for your dealership. We are more than just your compliance team; we are also your sales pit crew, helping sales teams achieve peak performance:


Increased Brand Awareness: Get your dealership noticed by potential car buyers in your area. We'll ensure your brand becomes a recognizable landmark on the advertising highway. Brand awareness is sadly not watched like a hawk and causes dealerships to waste so much advertising spends.


Generation of Qualified Leads: Attract customers actively searching for the vehicle types you sell and/or finance. It is like putting up roadside signs pointing qualified car shoppers directly to your dealership.


Driving Sales Conversions: Convert leads into paying customers and boost your dealership's bottom line. We will help you navigate the final stretch of the sales journey and turn potential buyers into happy car owners. This happens with compliant creative that follows consumers throughout the trip with appropriate messaging that speaks to them directly.


Partner with Big Time Advertising: A Trusted Co-Pilot on the Road to Success

DO NOT let compliance concerns be the roadblock on your path to achieving your advertising goals. Partner with Big Time Advertising and experience the peace of mind of knowing your advertising is legally sound and driving accurate results.


Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and marketing audit to drive a discussion for your dealership’s specific needs. We will help you confidently navigate the advertising landscape and transform your dealership into a flourishing destination on the road to success.


We would also be happy to connect you with the Ignite Consulting Partners team to receive a compliance audit of your existing advertising materials. We work to ensure our dealer’s current messages are road-worthy and compliant.


- Terry MacCauley, CEO

Big Time Team Motivational Recap


This Monday, we found inspiration in Mark Cuban's powerful words!
Our weekly meeting at Big Time Advertising kicked off with the motivational video "OUTWORK EVERYONE | Brutally Honest Business Advice from Billionaire Mark Cuban" by Motiversity.
After watching, we took a moment to reflect on the profound message about the power of paranoia, the importance of perseverance, and the necessity of always being willing to learn and grow.