Geo-Fencing Drives New Revenue
for Auto Dealer Client


This auto dealer had seen great success in running a targeted display and wanted to take advantage of new geofencing technology to bring in new customers. The advertiser identified their largest competitors in the area and the Big Time digital team developed a customized strategy to target users shopping at other car dealership lots. The Big Time digital team executed a Run of Network campaign that targeted the advertiser’s competitor locations and optimized the site list to find the sweet spot for the performance of this particular campaign. The Big Time digital team and our multivariate algorithms worked to drive up the CTR. The recency was optimized to target the consumers when they are most likely to be interested in more information for purchasing a car.


Through multiple optimizations and tactics, the Big Time digital team delivered a .31 CTR which was double the advertiser’s goals.

.31% CTR Campaign Results

Geo-fencing 17 Competitors

Campaign Length 3 Months

.31% CTR Campaign Results