Digital Marketing

Big Time Advertising & Marketing maximizes your advertising budget by using today's most innovative Digital Marketing tools to reach car buyers wherever they are online 24/7. In a world full of “selling leads” we as an industry can do better. Big Time Advertising maintains and grows brand which translates into more repeat, referral business, plus new leads that convert better creating more sustainable energy and growth for years to come.

Whether potential car buyers are searching, watching videos, surfing social media, or checking their email inbox we optimize ad budgets for success and will spend to target with our multichannel approach. Using your own sales data, a dealers 1st Party data, and our targeted mix we create a pinpoint strategy that delivers sustained growth Big Time. Yes, you can buy targeted display, social advertising, video advertising, dynamic VIN advertising, Gmail and Lightbox ads, Meta ads, and on and on from anyone. However, no one has our experience running dealerships that translate into cohesive marketing strategies that are consistent, on brand, and most importantly work every month.

"In my 40 years in the car business, I have never had an agency as good as Big Time. They are on top of their game. They know marketing from a to Z. I can highly recommend."  -- Rick Steenbock

Digital Content Marketing

With Big Time Advertising’s Automotive Digital Content Marketing, every campaign your dealership runs will reach appropriate car buyers at every online destination. When someone is seeking auto financing you need financing ads to appear, and when they are shopping trade values you deserve a trade-in messaging. See we really do get it.

For a good period of time automotive advertising involved the traditional methods to bring car buyers onto your showroom floor. We used TV commercials, radio spots, mailers, newspaper ads, and billboards served as the main vehicles to get the dealership message to the auto shoppers most effectively.

"My three stores hit or exceeded their mid-month goal in sales yesterday. All 3! That's attributed to your advertising, my team's effort to get that lead-in, and of course some great-looking inventory. The trifecta! Big Time Advertising is and has been a fantastic business partner and has helped us grow our business better than ever! Thank you for all you guys do!"  -- Chris Mueller

Traditional Advertising

Big Time Advertising fully understands that the traditional methods of automotive advertising aren't going anywhere, anytime soon. In fact, our services provide the exposure to drive sales regardless of the medium. We live by the saying that “All Advertising Works.” Car Buyers still watch TV, listen to the radio, check their mailboxes, and see billboards, with the goal remaining to get them on your showroom floor. Yeah, conversion, right! Yes, we know conversion is nothing new we just let it articulate in on a spreadsheet from digital more, but we understand the big picture and that traditional advertising while harder to track still works.

All of our dealers have different needs, markets and brands. We build relationships and PARTNER with our dealers to build cohesive advertising & marketing strategies that stay within budget and grow the bottom line.

"We have been working with Big Time for 4 years now and have been very happy. They were able to come up with a strategy to cut the dollars we were spending yet still achieve our desired results. I would definitely recommend them for your advertising and marketing needs." -- Jim Thompson

Auto Sales & Manager Consulting

Without a doubt our underrated service is our consultative services provided to managers and sales staffs. Our founding partner and COO have a combined over 50 years working experience in the automotive dealership and wholesale industry. From small rural Dodge stores, volume Auto Malls, and moving thousands of wholesale inventory monthly our services are designed to share the fundamental building blocks of success.

The challenges of digital advertising with younger and older sales staffs the need for training has never been more important. We have taken the iconic trainings of people like Joe Verde and Jim Zigeler and merged it with the feel of today’s Grant Cardone, Gary V and more. Yes, we are truly taking our dealer's marketing efforts and bridging the into tangible results on the showroom floor.