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Here are the primary services we focus on, however, we always welcome custom discovery meetings to better understand any advertising or marketing need.

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Big Time Advertising stands distinct from others in the automotive advertising sector through a combination of specialized knowledge, innovative strategies, and a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for our automotive dealers.
Unlike “generalist” agencies, our team possesses a profound understanding of the automotive sector’s unique challenges and opportunities. Our entire team has “in the trenches” experience. This specialized knowledge enables us to tailor our digital marketing strategies specifically to automotive dealers, ensuring they resonate with their target audience and drive meaningful results.
We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of digital marketing innovations. Our agency leverages the latest tools and platforms, from advanced SEO techniques to sophisticated data analytics, ensuring our automotive clients receive the most effective and efficient digital marketing solutions available today.
Recognizing that no two dealerships are the same, we emphasize creating personalized marketing strategies. By analyzing market trends, consumer behavior, and performance data, we craft campaigns that are not only tailored to our clients’ specific needs but are also flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing digital landscape.
Our services extend beyond traditional advertising to encompass a full spectrum of digital marketing solutions. This includes website optimization, social media engagement, online reputation management, and more, all designed to enhance our clients’ online presence and convert leads into sales.
We have consistently delivered measurable results for our dealers, from increasing website traffic and leads to boosting sales and enhancing brand visibility. Our portfolio of successful campaigns speaks to our ability to execute with excellence and drive significant ROI for our automotive dealers. In fact, we have very little turnover and many of our dealers have been with us for over 9 years now.
We maintain strong partnerships with many associations, industry learning conventions, and leading digital platforms and tools, giving our clients exclusive access to the latest technologies and marketing opportunities not readily available elsewhere.
We believe in building trust through transparency. Our dealers have full access to their campaign data and performance metrics, and we maintain open lines of communication to ensure we are always aligned with their goals and expectations.
We provide a level of service and expertise unmatched by other agencies. Our dedicated approach to understanding the intricacies of the automotive market and applying this knowledge to innovate and execute effective marketing strategies sets us apart, making us the preferred choice for automotive dealers looking to accelerate their growth and success.
A local automotive dealer in Denver was struggling to increase online car sales and improve their digital presence in a highly competitive market.

Strategy Implemented:
1. Targeted Digital Advertising: We launched a series of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and display advertising campaigns focused on high-intent keywords and demographics.
2. SEO Optimization: Revamped their website’s SEO to improve organic search rankings for local and model-specific queries.
3. Social Media Campaigns: Implemented a social media strategy to engage potential buyers through targeted ads and organic content that highlighted vehicle features, testimonials, and special offers.

1. Sales Increase: Total sales increased by 35% within the first six months.
2. Improved Overall Leads: Saw a 50% increase in total leads.
3. Enhanced Engagement: Social media engagement rates soared, with a 30% increase in leads and a significant uptick in trackable sales results.
A 3 location rooftop automotive group wanted to boost brand awareness and generate leads across multiple locations, struggling with a fragmented online marketing approach.

Strategy Implemented:
1. Unified Branding Strategy: Developed a cohesive branding and marketing strategy that unified the group’s online presence while allowing for location-specific customization.
2. Content Marketing: Launched a content marketing initiative that included strong CTA, videos, and infographics focusing on unique industry offers, quality of care, and competitive results.
3. Lead Generation Campaigns: Implemented multi-channel lead generation campaigns, including SEM, Multiple Social Channels, email marketing, retargeting ads, and a revamped website UX to encourage conversions.

1. Increased Leads: Lead generation increased by 60% year-over-year.
2. Higher Engagement: Content marketing efforts led to a 75% increase in website engagement metrics such as time on site and pages per session.
3.Brand Recognition: Deep research and social media analysis showed a significant increase in brand recognition and positive sentiment in their target markets.
From leveraging the latest in digital marketing technologies to crafting engaging and effective content, we pride ourselves on our ability to help automotive dealers not just meet, but exceed their sales and marketing goals.


In tailoring digital marketing strategies for automotive dealers, our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the automotive market, the unique goals of each dealer, and the necessity of customizing strategies to fit each dealer’s specific needs. While the fundamentals are always similar the markets differ greatly and the dealership's culture is never the same.
Market Analysis: We start with a comprehensive analysis of the dealer’s automotive market, including trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscape. This ensures we're leveraging current opportunities and are aware of potential challenges.
Customer Insights: Understanding the target audience is crucial. We dive into the demographics, interests, and online behaviors of potential car buyers, tailoring messages and campaigns to meet these users where they are most active and engaged.
Goal Setting: Collaborating closely with our dealers, we establish clear, measurable goals for what they want to achieve, whether it's increasing sales, enhancing online visibility, or improving customer loyalty.
Strategy Customization: With goals in place, we customize every aspect of the digital marketing strategy, from SEO and content marketing to PPC and social media campaigns, ensuring each initiative is designed to meet specific objectives.
Data-Driven Optimization: Utilizing data analytics, we continuously monitor campaign performance and adjust strategies in real-time. This agile approach allows us to optimize for the best results, ensuring we're always moving towards achieving the dealer's goals.
Innovative Solutions: We constantly seek out innovative digital marketing solutions that can give our automotive clients an edge. This includes exploring new platforms, testing cutting-edge advertising formats, and leveraging emerging technologies like AR/VR for immersive vehicle showcases. Today’s favorite medium may be in the doghouse tomorrow.
Beyond Advertising: Our strategy extends beyond mere advertising; we focus on creating a comprehensive digital presence that includes an optimized website, engaging social media profiles, and compelling content that positions our clients as thought leaders in the automotive space.
By meticulously tailoring our digital marketing strategies to the specific needs and goals of each automotive dealer, we ensure not only the relevance and effectiveness of our campaigns but also forge a path toward significant, sustainable growth for our clients in the digital realm.
The most effective digital marketing platforms for auto dealers are those that enable precision targeting, robust engagement, and measurable outcomes, ensuring that campaigns reach potential buyers where they are most active online. Keep in mind budgets affect selection and bandwidth ability. Our philosophy is the age-old adage, “The most people for the least amount of money possible.”
Search & Display Network: Google Ads captures potential buyers who are actively seeking vehicles or automotive services. The search network targets those with high intent, while the display network broadens brand exposure.

Why It’s Effective: Targeting options are comprehensive, allowing for specificity based on search intent, demographics, and location, making Google Ads essential for lead generation.
Demographically Targeted Platforms: Their extensive user data enables us to deliver ads to precise customer segments.

Visual Storytelling: Automotive purchases are visually driven, and these platforms are ideal for showcasing vehicles with rich media. Plus, humans learn and retain information up to 400% more effectively with good visual aids.

Why They’re Effective: The combination of visual content, storytelling through ads, and detailed targeting make these platforms invaluable for engagement and conversions.
Video Content Dominance: YouTube’s video platform is perfect for demonstrating vehicle features and offering virtual test drives.

Broad Reach: With a diverse audience, YouTube helps increase the visibility of our dealer’s campaigns.

Why It’s Effective: Video content is persuasive and can significantly impact buyer decisions. YouTube excels at building awareness and can be used effectively for retargeting.
Streaming Service Advertising: OTT platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix (with its emerging ad tier) offer ad opportunities in a premium, engaging video environment.

Targeted & Unskippable Ads: Ads on these platforms can often be targeted to specific demographics and interests and are typically unskippable, ensuring higher viewer engagement.

Why They’re Effective: With the rising consumption of streaming content, OTT platforms are perfect for reaching cord-cutters and millennials. The immersive nature of the content can provide a cinematic showcase for automotive brands.
Direct & Personalized: Email allows for direct communication with potential and existing customers, offering a platform for tailored messaging.

Advanced Segmentation: By segmenting email lists, we can customize our approach based on the buyer's journey stage, increasing relevance and impact.

Why It’s Effective: Email is a powerful tool for maintaining customer engagement, promoting loyalty, and driving sales through carefully crafted messages and offers.
Assessing the success of any traditional or digital marketing campaigns for our auto dealers is a multi-faceted process that involves tracking a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs). We use a combination of quantitative data and qualitative insights to provide a comprehensive view of each campaign's performance. Here are the primary metrics we consider:

Lead Conversion: We track how many visitors take a desired action, such as filling out a contact form, scheduling a test drive, mapping directions to your store, or calling the dealership. A high conversion rate indicates effective targeting AND messaging.

Traffic Volumes: Increases in website and dealership traffic provide initial indications of campaign reach and audience interest.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of visitors who navigate away after viewing only one page. Sometimes a lower bounce rate can suggest content relevance and engaging website design but not always.

Average Session Duration: The amount of time visitors spend on the website. Longer durations can indicate more engaging content or interest in the dealership offerings.

Understanding The Full Customer Journey: Buying a vehicle is the only online shopping experience that stands alone when compared to every other industry. Knowing that all customers have different wants and needs when purchasing a vehicle, we know that all humans don’t just get in a single file line and do it the same way. Big Time Advertising takes the normal vanity metrics combined with nearly a half-century of automotive experience and combines it to create long-play marketing campaigns that withstand the test of time and any market.

Quality of Leads: We assess not just the volume of leads but their quality, looking at how many leads move forward in the sales funnel and how far.

Cost Per Lead: This metric helps us understand the cost-effectiveness of campaigns in generating leads. Cost per lead of and by itself is not a fail proof test for if a campaign is working or not. Competitiveness of markets, dealerships culture, inventory, and ability to avoid diminishing returns all affect this often-discussed metric.

Sales Conversion: The ultimate indicator of campaign success is the number of sales resulting from leads generated through digital marketing efforts. With a laser focus on YOY.

Return on Investment (ROI): We calculate the ROI by comparing the gross volume sold from the dealership against the advertising campaign budget and cost. A positive ROI indicates that all advertising and digital marketing efforts are adding value to the dealership with SELLING MORE CARS.

CAC: It’s important to determine how much it costs, on average, to acquire a new customer, which involves dividing the total cost of a monthly campaign by the number of sold units.

Customer Retention Rate: For campaigns focused on competitive offerings or repeat sales, we measure how well the dealership retains customers.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): We forecast the total value a customer will bring to the dealership over time, helping to strategize long-term marketing efforts. This helps avoid the leaky bucket many dealers struggle to avoid.

Brand Awareness: Surveys, brand search volume, and social media sentiment analysis provide insights into how a campaign has affected brand perception.

Social Engagement: Metrics like shares, comments, and likes can indicate brand engagement and campaign resonance with the target audience.
To boost the online presence of our Big Time auto dealers, we recommend a comprehensive SEO strategy that encompasses various elements tailored to the specific needs of the dealer’s automotive market.


Google My Business Optimization: We ensure that the dealer’s Google My Business listing is completed correctly, accurate, and optimized for the best local visibility. We are amazed at the number of dealers that do not have their GMB Page properly optimized.
Local Keywords: Incorporating location-based keywords into the website’s content helps capture local search traffic. It also can help paid search costs to become lower.
Website Structure: A well-organized site with a clear hierarchy aids search engines in understanding and ranking the dealer's offerings.
Website Structure: A well-organized site with a clear hierarchy aids search engines in understanding and ranking the dealer's offerings.
High-Quality Visual Content: Since buying a car is a visual decision, high-resolution images, and videos are optimized for fast loading times to improve user experience and engagement.
Educational Content: We can produce and provide informative content such as buying guides, comparisons, and reviews, which can position the dealership as a thought leader and attract more organic traffic.
Keyword-Rich Blog Posts: Regular blog posts that incorporate a variety of relevant keywords can help capture long-tail search traffic and engage potential customers.
FAQ Sections: Answering common customer questions related to automotive purchasing and care can improve search visibility and provide value to users. Just like we are doing for our dealers right here on our site. We practice what we preach.
Mobile Optimization: Ensuring the dealer's website is mobile-friendly is crucial, as a significant portion of search traffic comes from mobile devices. Especially special finance and Buy Here Pay Here customers.
Speed Optimization: Improving website load times as search engines, particularly Google, prioritize fast-loading sites.
Secure Website (HTTPS): Implementing SSL to ensure a secure browsing experience, which is a ranking factor for Google.
Intuitive Navigation: A website that's easy to navigate encourages visitors to spend more time on the site, which can signal to search engines that the site is valuable.
Clear Calls-to-Action: Effective CTAs guide users towards taking the desired actions, such as scheduling a test drive or contacting the sales team.
Reputation Management: We monitor and encourage positive customer reviews, which can influence both search rankings and buyer decisions.
Social Signals: While not a direct ranking factor, a strong presence on social media can drive traffic to the dealer's website and improve brand recognition.
Indeed, our team at Big Time Advertising includes specialists in website design and optimization tailored specifically for our auto dealers. We understand that the dealer’s website is the digital showroom and often the first point of contact with all potential buyers. With so many different website providers we know the headache and slow responses our dealers often receive. At Big Time we take all that stress away and handle it all.
Visually Appealing Layouts: We help to ensure our dealer’s designs are modern and visually appealing, reflecting the quality of the vehicles on offer and the dealer’s brand identity.
Responsive Design: We help to ensure the website looks and functions flawlessly across all devices, from desktops to smartphones, which is vital for reaching customers on the go.
Inventory Integration: Easy-to-navigate and up-to-date listings of the vehicle inventory are key. We integrate inventory management systems to display available vehicles effectively.
Intuitive Navigation: We help make sure our dealers have structure on their site for easy navigation, allowing users to find the information they need quickly, whether it's vehicle details, financing information, or contact forms.
Engaging Features: Interactive elements like 360-degree vehicle views, strong branding, comparison tools, and online financing calculators help to engage and inform potential customers.
Speed and Performance: We help optimize the site's performance for quick load times, ensuring that customers don't leave due to a lagging website.
Clear Calls-to-Action (CTAs): Strategic placement of CTAs guides visitors towards taking definitive action, whether it's scheduling a test drive, making an inquiry, filling out a credit application, or visiting the dealership.
Lead Capture Forms: We design and test various lead capture forms for optimal conversion rates, ensuring they are user-friendly and not overly intrusive.
A/B Testing: Regular testing of different elements of the website—from button colors to page layouts—helps in understanding what works best for converting visitors into leads. Plus with our dealers literally covering the entire continental United States our dealers are receiving the very best in A/B testing and only from the automotive industry.
SEO-Friendly Content: The text on the site should be crafted to perform well in search engines while also being compelling and informative for users. Yes, Big Time Advertising can help dealers accomplish this too.
High-Quality Media: We use high-quality images and videos that showcase the vehicles and dealership facilities, which are optimized for quick loading and SEO.
Analytics Integration: We set up state-of-the-art comprehensive analytics to track user behavior, traffic sources, and conversion data.
Ongoing Optimization: Based on analytics insights, we continually refine and optimize the website, aiming for the highest possible performance.
ADA Compliance: Ensuring the dealer’s website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, not only broadens the audience but also complies with legal standards. This is sadly overlooked at a criminal level.
Data Privacy: We implement best practices for data security and privacy, including compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other relevant regulations.
Handling social media for our automotive clients involves a strategic blend of engaging content creation, community interaction management, and precisely targeted advertising campaigns. We have a plethora of custom options available for dealers based on their specific needs and budget. Here’s how Big Time navigates these components:
Engaging Visuals: We produce high-quality photos and videos showcasing the latest vehicle models, features, and dealership events to capture the audience's attention. All with consistent branding.
Storytelling: Through posts, stories, and videos, we tell the story of the brand, highlighting customer testimonials, employee spotlights, and behind-the-scenes looks to build a narrative around the dealership. Hope and change move the needle and we can deliver it better than anyone.
Educational Content: We craft informative content that adds value, such as maintenance tips, industry news, and vehicle reviews, positioning the dealership as a knowledgeable industry leader.
Active Engagement: We ensure timely responses to comments, messages, and reviews, fostering a sense of community and customer care all led by our dealer's brand.
Monitoring: Regular monitoring of the client’s social media channels helps us manage the brand's reputation and address any issues promptly.
Encouraging Interaction: We create posts that encourage user interaction, such as polls, questions, and contests, to increase engagement and foster a two-way conversation.
Demographic Targeting: Utilizing the advanced targeting options available on social media platforms, we reach specific demographic groups interested in the dealer’s offerings.
Retargeting: We implement retargeting strategies to re-engage individuals who have visited the dealership’s website or shown interest in specific vehicles. This has become more and more difficult with the evolving cookieless world. We still have proven solutions and workarounds that deliver more leads and sold cars.
Ad Performance Analysis: We continuously analyze the performance of advertising campaigns, using data-driven insights to refine targeting, messaging, and creative elements for better results.
Content Calendars: We can develop comprehensive content calendars that align with sales goals, promotional events, and seasonal trends.
Platform-Specific Strategies: Recognizing the unique strengths of each platform, we tailor content and campaigns for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.
Partnerships: While it isn’t always a priority for most dealers. We do have a database available for our dealers to engage with influencers and thought leaders in the automotive space to extend the dealership’s reach and tap into new audiences.
KPI Tracking: We track key performance indicators like reach, engagement, conversion rates, and ROI to measure the success of all social media activities.
Regular Reporting: Our dealers receive regular reports detailing performance and insights, ensuring transparency and alignment with marketing goals. In addition a live reporting dashboard is available for login at any time.


Our pricing model at Big Time Advertising is tailored to align with the success of our automotive dealer clients, ensuring that we grow together. We take a unique approach by setting strategies and budgets based on a per-car-sold expectation, which allows us to align our goals directly with your sales targets. Here’s how it works:

Performance-Based Budgeting: We determine the suggested budget by assessing the expected number of vehicles sold, making sure that your marketing investment is proportional to your dealership’s sales success.

Customized Channel Allocation: Recognizing that each dealer operates in a distinct market with specific needs, we allocate your budget across the most effective digital marketing channels. This decision is informed by factors such as your individual market conditions, available to sell inventory, CRM data, your team's experience, the dealership's culture, and more.

Precise Spend Optimization: We meticulously optimize your desired spend to the penny each month, ensuring not a cent of your marketing budget is wasted and every investment is made with purpose and precision.

Value-Added Services: When you commit to Big Time Advertising, you get an all-inclusive experience. We include graphic design services, video editing, copywriting, sales training, and manager consulting as part of our core offerings - at no additional cost.

Like Southwest Airlines famously says, "Bags Fly Free," we believe in a transparent, no-hidden-fees approach. So at Big Time Advertising, 'The Extras Fly Free.' You can expect a partnership that provides exceptional value, straightforward pricing, and a commitment to drive your dealership forward without the worry of annoying add-on fees.

This holistic approach to pricing ensures that our services are not only cost-effective but also comprehensive, providing everything you need to make your dealership's advertising strategy a roaring success.
Our terms of service are crafted with the understanding that effective digital marketing is a commitment to growth and requires time to bear fruit. As such, we seek a 90-day minimum commitment from our clients to allow our strategies the necessary period to take root, grow, and start delivering tangible results. Think of it as akin to committing to a healthier lifestyle; just as one doesn't expect to see significant fitness results within a few weeks, digital marketing too needs time to show its full potential.

However, we also believe in the freedom of choice and the power of a willing partnership. We steer clear of locking our clients into lengthy annual contracts because we understand that circumstances change and flexibility is key. Our goal is to foster a positive working relationship, not one that feels obligatory. We're in it for the shared success and the joy that comes from making advertising work for you, not for adding stress.

Therefore, while we do believe in the value of commitment, we also respect the need for adaptability. Should you decide to discontinue our services, we've made the process straightforward—a simple 30-day notice is all it takes. We're confident in the value we bring, and we believe that our results will make you want to stay, not a contract.

We're here to make marketing and advertising a fun, rewarding, and effective component of your business. We're not just a vendor; we see ourselves as your partner, and respect is at the core of our partnership philosophy. We understand how hard dealers work for their profits, and it’s our mission to make sure that every advertising dollar you spend is an investment towards a more profitable and enjoyable future.
Starting a partnership with Big Time Advertising is a structured yet highly flexible process designed to align our expertise with your unique needs as an automotive dealer.
Discovery Meeting and Digital Review: We begin with a discovery meeting and digital review of your digital marketing and advertising footprint, via a video call, to share some simple insights that you are free to use and have great value regardless of hiring us. We work to understand your dealership’s vision, challenges, marketing goals, and what you hope to achieve with our services.
Dealership Analysis: We conduct an initial analysis of your current marketing efforts, target audience, sales funnel, and competitive landscape.
Requirement Gathering: We'll ask for access to any existing marketing materials, customer personas, past campaign data, and other relevant information to inform our strategy.
Dealership Objectives: Clear objectives such as sales targets, desired market growth, or specific ROI goals like leads and sold per month.
Brand Guidelines: To ensure brand consistency, we'll need your brand guidelines, including logos, color schemes, and messaging tones. Do not worry, if you have not properly developed these important elements, we will gladly work to provide our dealers with one so they will have it forever going forward.
Inventory Details: Information on the vehicles you sell, any special features or services, and upcoming promotions or sales events.
Customer Data: Insights into your current customer base, including demographics, purchase behavior, and feedback. Plus access to your dealership CRM.
Budget Parameters: Understanding of the budget we will be working within to help prioritize initiatives.
Strategy Development: Based on the information gathered, we will develop a customized advertising strategy that targets your objectives and sets clear milestones.
Campaign Planning: We will outline the tactical plan for the first campaign, including the chosen marketing channels, creative concepts, and timelines.
Asset Creation: Our team will create all the necessary assets for the campaign—ads, landing pages, social media content, etc.
Approval Process: You will have the opportunity to review and approve all materials and plans, ensuring they meet your standards and expectations.
Campaign Execution: Once approved, we'll launch the campaign, closely monitoring its performance from the outset.
Performance Review: Regular reporting on campaign performance against KPIs will be provided, and we will have review sessions to discuss results and optimizations.
The onboarding process is collaborative and transparent, ensuring you are fully informed and involved at every stage. Our goal is to create a solid foundation for a long-term partnership that drives your dealership to new heights of sustainable success.
The timeline for seeing results from digital marketing campaigns can vary based on a range of factors, including the specific goals of the campaign, the budget, the marketing channels used, and the competitiveness of the automotive market.
Initial Setup: 1 to 2 weeks are often dedicated to finalizing strategy, creating assets, and setting up the campaign.
Launch Period: Once campaigns are launched, it may take several days to a couple of weeks for algorithms to optimize delivery. This does not mean you won’t receive leads or actionable results, it just means they will consistently get better as the machine learns, as Big Time learns, and as your dealership adjusts to the newly discovered volume in leads needing professional follow up.
Data Gathering: In the first month, we focus on gathering data on campaign performance and user behavior. Typically it takes at least a month to allow for any kind of actionable empirical data to present itself.
Refinement: Based on initial data, we make adjustments to improve targeting, messaging, and creative elements. This phase can take an additional few weeks to ensure that changes are positively impacting results. And ultimately refinement never ends, NEVER.
Short-Term Wins: Some metrics like lead count, website traffic, ad impressions, and click-through rates can show improvements within the first month.
Leads and Sales Conversions: For conversions such as leads generated or vehicles sold, a typical timeline might range from 1 to 3 months as the audience moves through the decision-making process. Remember a quality advertising campaign focuses on all levels of the marketing funnel. Consequently, the top of the funnel takes a little longer to convert, but when it does you will absolutely know it. Why? Because your P&L will look amazing.
ROI Calculation: It is realistic to expect a fully clear picture of the actual return on investment after 3 to 6 months, as some marketing strategies, particularly SEO and content marketing, take time to mature and yield significant results. We encourage all dealers to avoid the revolving door of marketing strategies and teams, it truly is expensive and 100% hampers your dealership’s ability to reach its full potential. The goal is to be a massive cruise ship and not a toboggan. The toboggan is a miserable place to be when minor wakes come your way like slowed markets, missing sales staff and on and on. A massive cruise ship feels it but keeps everyone comfortable makes appropriate adjustments and reaches its destination more consistently and with more volume.
Continuous Growth: Beyond the initial months, ongoing optimization will continue to refine and improve campaign performance for sustained success.
Brand Building: Longer-term results, such as increased brand awareness and customer loyalty, can be seen after 6 months to a year of consistent, strategic marketing efforts.
Budget and Product Adjustments: Nothing ever remains the same. For Big Time year in and year out results constant budget and product or medium adjustments are needed. It is never a hang it and forget it mentality. At Big Time Advertising we stand out because we pivot faster with the very best in experience in knowledge to often help save difficult months and avoid market share erosion during the more difficult times.
It is important to remember that all advertising and digital marketing is often about building momentum. Early trends can be indicators of future success, and the insights gained from initial campaigns inform subsequent strategies for better long-term performance. Regular communication and reporting between our agency and our automotive dealers ensure that our partnerships are aligned on goals and expectations throughout the campaign lifecycle.