Who We Are

Big Time ROI

We excel at creating an organized, cohesive marketing strategy. We focus on monthly campaigns that generate ROI and build brand equity for our business partners.

As an expert and proven leader in the automotive industry, we achieve consistent and substantial top tier results (Volume and Gross).

More Leads & Sales

Big Time Advertising reduces a dealership's advertising spend while increasing reach, frequency, and—more importantly—growing LEAD VOLUME and SOLD VEHICLES.

With clients across the country, we're experienced in leading dealerships in their advertising and marketing efforts.

Terry MacCauley

A leader with 17 years of experience in sales, marketing, and advertising efforts for the top revenue producing auto dealerships in the Greater Midwest.

Bryson Hartranft

An entrepreneur with 30+ years of award-winning results in sales, digital marketing, employee development, and customer service for the rental car business. He has also starting three internet marketing platforms.


Mission & Vision

Dealership Focused Marketing

Few agencies understand the day in and day out grind of a dealership's needs while providing the advertising and marketing results they desire without all the wasted dollars, time and missed sold units.

Common Sense Creative

We strive to provide complete, common sense advertising, marketing, event planning, training and public relations solutions for companies that seek direct candor in guidance and CREATIVE that is wholly focused on delivering tangible results.

Moving Consumers to Action

In a world where everything matters we succeed in quickly synthesizing priorities while delivering a marketing plan that moves consumers to action.